header-last-oneReplaypolo is a registered 501(c) (3) organization making all donations (both financial and physical) are completely tax deductible.

If you donate money the donation would be for whatever you pay. I.e. Donate $5k, get $5k writeoff.
If u donate a polo pony the value must be said it’s worth less than $4,900 or u have to hire an equine appraiser to give u the price value of the horse then that gets sent to the IRS and the place you donate to must keep the horse for a year and then you can claim it on next year’s taxes. The money you save on taxes, from the donation changes with your tax bracket. At bare minimum you will save 10% of your horse’s value but could go up to 39.6%.
If a horse gets donated and we say that it’s $4,900 and normal people are in 30% tax bracket they save at least $1,000 on the bill you pay to taxes.

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