Boca does have a lot of trustworthy qualities. She is very rideable and sound. Plus easy to catch and very affectionate! But she is loosing her vision in her left eye, which can cause some silly quirks. For example she may pull back in the cross ties, she appreciates the fact that you always have your hand on her to let her know you are near by and she doesn’t let anyone hold on to her while you mount. Boca does stand like a champ while she is ground tied and while you mount her from the ground or with a mounting block. She would be a great lesson horse and teach people how to trust! She loves to be the leader on trail rides and is not scared to cross the creek or go down a steep cliff. Boca would also be a great companion horse! IF you would like to adopt her please fill out the Adoption Application PDF on and email or call 615-618-8316


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