Your cash donation to our organization can change lives! Donate to Replay Polo, today, in any amount that you choose. EMPLOYER ID # 81-1129426

♥ Your donated retired polo pony can change lives as well ♥ Please fill out the Polo Pony Donation FormIf you would like to receive a ReplayPolo pony, we must know the following…

  1. What will be your ReplayPolo pony’s new purpose in life? (This word “pony” does not refer to how many hands the horse is. But FYI most polo ponies are between 13-16 hands)
  2. Where will the ReplayPolo pony be living? Please send pictures or your website.
  3. How many times a week will it be ridden or will it be pasture ornament?
  4. Will you go try the ReplayPolo pony at its current farm or will it be transported to you first?
  5. How will the ReplayPolo pony be shipped/transported to you?
  6. Will the ReplayPolo pony be put on a trial period? If so, how long? If you decide not to accept the donation what will you do with the ReplayPolo pony?
  7. Will this ReplayPolo be vet checked before or after the donation has been made? If the ReplayPolo pony does not pass a vet check will you still keep it and rehabilitate it?


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