Gotera 13yrs mare 15.2 hands located in Chicago, IL

Gotera  Gotera2

Gotera is Argentinian bred. She played up to 26 goal polo. She is very friendly and would love to join a loving family. She is not sound enough to keep playing due to sacroiliac joint pain in her hips. Gotera would be a FABULOUS BROODMARE or pasture mate! Also a child could ride her in leadline classes (walk only). If interested please call 615-618-8316

Tater 18 years 15.2 hands gelding located in Ohio

Tater has been used as a polo lesson horse for the past 4 years and is a favorite of all students. He knows how to take care of his riders. He is very sweet and loves attention. There is a small chip on left front sesamoid with degenerative arthritis in fetlock so Previcox helps tremendously. He is turned out 24-7 now but could defiantly return to work as a therapy horse for unmounted lessons or walk only mounted lessons. One day he may be able to teach a student to trot or canter! If you would love to adopt him please call 615-618-8316 or email

  Look at that sweet eye! 


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