Brittany Halstead / US Donation

Brittany Halstead grew up with horses and has worked in both the hunter/jumper and polo worlds. Ten years ago she earned her certification as a PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) Instructor. Four years ago she became a certified PATH Mentor. Today Brittany is focused on ReplayPolo and miraculously recovered from a severe traumatic brain injury sustained from a fatal car accident in December 2014 in Argentina. (click here to read Brittany’s survival story HOPE Traumatic Brain Injury survivor )

Brittany continues affiliation with USPA Equine Welfare committee. Brittany is the founder of ReplayPolo, rehoming polo ponies to new families with high equine welfare standards. According to Mark V. Sedacca, the Chairman of the USPA Equine Welfare Committee, the newly organized ReplayPolo organization is beneficial for people with disabilities, polo players, and for polo ponies. We are fortunate to have Brittany Halstead to help us continue to respect and protect our horses after they leave the polo field.”

If you would like to donate a polo pony that needs a new life OR if you want to receive a retired polo pony she can be reached using the form below, or by filling out the equine donation form.  You may also call +1 615 618 8316

Please ensure that you are ready to receive a ReplayPolo pony, before you contact ReplayPolo.

Thank you so much!

Sarah Tallents / UK Donations

Sarah Sarah Tallents has had horses for most of her life and although she pursued a long career in Finance spanning over 25 years, she never lost her passion for horses. Sarah developed a love of Polo late in life after she was given a 16 year old Argentinian Polo Pony called “Eva” at the age of 42 by Howard Hipwood a former 9 goaler and England Polo Captain. This began Sarah’s love of Polo and in particular Polo Ponies. In June 2013 she set up the Facebook group “Retired and Ex Polo Ponies For Sale” which is an online forum for players and owners to rehome their ponies when they came out of Polo and needed to go into non playing homes. With over 4300 members in the group and 380 ponies rehomed in September 2015 Sarah set up the Charity “Polo Pastures” to not only continue the rehoming work she had done but to also start doing “Equine Assisted Therapies” with the retired Polo Ponies on her farm in Hampshire, England. If you would like to donate a polo pony that needs a new life she can be reached using the form below, or contacted on +44 7850 328985 President of FIP (Federation of International Polo) Nicholas Colquhoun-Denver stated to Sarah, “Polo Pastures is a very worthy cause and on behalf of the polo community I would like to thank you for such dedication. Keep up the good work”.

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